Like a long lost world where nature still reigns unhindered, the Colombian Pacific is a place of 
simpler times and pleasures set against a most inspiring backdrop of wild jungle crashing unyieldingly into the sea. One of Colombia’s best kept secrets, the Pacific is a place of joyful cultural expression and culinary delights where unwinding is not only an option, it’s the only option.

With waterfalls crashing onto wide empty beaches, thermal pools hidden deep in the jungle and an extraordinary biodiversity, this is nature at its finest, a place so special that magnificent humpback whales journey thousands of kilometers to rear their young in its warm protected waters and scores of sea turtles return time and time again to lay their eggs on its solitary dark sands. 

A place where vibrant AfroColombian communities exist harmoniously side by side with timeless indigenous settlements; an intriguing cultural mix where daily life is accompanied by the sweet rhythms of forest emanating from the marimba de chonta.

Hiking the empty sands or traveling by canoe through the region’s twisted mangroves feels like a journey through the final frontier yet this untouched paradise is only a short flight from two of Colombia’s biggest cities.


Big Year Pacific


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