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Colombia: Land of birds


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Global Big Day

Colombia is the country with the biggest amount of birds species in the world. With 1954 species, 82 are endemics and more than 100 near-endemics.

Trampoline for birds (road from Mocoa to Pasto)

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse territories of the world. Despite occupying only 0.7% of the earth’s surface, we have the first place globally in the largest number of species of birds and orchids, the second in plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish, the third place in palms and reptiles, and the fourth in mammals. In addition, we are considered the most biodiverse country in the world per square meter.

Nevado del Tolima & Palma de cera

Why birding in Colombia with us?

We are Niky Carrera Levy and Mauricio Ossa a couple of photographers who love birds and your conservation, in 2016 we created «Birds Colombia», a project that works on strategies for the conservation of birds and their territories, in 2019 we created «Guardian de las aves» a project for children to do conservation by making them fall in love with birds, in 2020 we created «Birders Together» a campaign to help 150 people who were left without income with the pandemic, we united 22 operating companies and managed to collect U$50,000 in 500 donations, in 2021 we made the first Big year in Colombia achieving 1,453 species. By 2022 we are launching our signature tour, you can select one of the ones we have designed or we can create one personalized tour to your measure, we will always go with you to take the best images of Colombia, come To Birding In Colombia With Us.

The first Big Year in Colombia.

Because we know the best places to photograph birds in Colombia, our personalized tour for bird photographers is designed always touring the best sites for photography.

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta & SFF Los Flamingos

The size of the list is not our priority, our main objective is that you take the best pictures of Colombia and our birds.

Mavecure Inírida

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