Birding with

with Ed & Mandy from the Netherlands Birding in Otún Quimbaya / Photo Red-ruffed fruitcrow by Ed

with Ernesto Obando & Memo Gomez Birding in Laguna de Sonso / Photo American Coot by Memo Gomez

with Ernesto Obando Birding in Hacienda El Bosque / Photo Gray-breasted Mountain-Toucan by Ernesto Obando

with Keith Jones and Patty Gonzalez Birding in La Florida el Bosque de las Aves / Photo Chestnut Wood-Quail by Mauricio Ossa

with Niky Carrera Levy Birding in SFF Los Flamencos / Photo American flamingo by Niky Carrera Levy

with Fabian Barrueto (Chile) Birding in Anchicaya nature camp / Photo Collared Araçari by Fabian Barrueto

with Fabian Barrueto (Chile) Birding in Parque Nacional de la Uva / Photo Ruby-topaz Hummingbird by Fabian Barrueto

with Rodrigo Gaviria Birding in Piedra del Condor PNN Purace / Photo Andean Condor by Rodrigo Gaviria

with Rodrigo Gaviria Birding in Hacienda el Bosque / Photo Shining Sunbeam by Mauricio Ossa

with Daniel Orozco, Memo Gomez & Rodrigo Gaviria Birding in Cortaderal / Photo Black-billed Mountain-Toucan by Memo Gómez

with Niky Carrera Levy Birding in Finca Alejandría / Photo Andean emerald by Niky Levy

With David Bejarano «Truman» & Mauricio Ossa Birding in Ukuku Rural Lodge / Photo Torrent Duck by Mauricio Ossa

with team Global Big Day 2018 Birding in Cortaderal / Photo White-capped Tanager by Mauricio Ossa

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Works hard to educate about the importance of preserving Colombia’s biodiversity. It raises awareness about how even small things can make a difference».

«Your education work»

Keith Jones

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«thank you for your commitment»

«Guys!!!! Wonderful wishes for this new stage!! thank you for your commitment!!!! I was able to know and enjoy its landscapes, birds and dedication for those of us who visited Colombia, even though this was a project!!!! I have no doubt that they will dedicate to each visitor their love and commitment to birds!!!!! Good start!!!!!! (PD: a genia Elena with the photo!!). Hugs from Argentina».

Maria Fernanda Gauna

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Excellent work»

Excellent work they do, thank you for trusting Mar Azul Playa y Turismo for your projects, missions and photos! We hope to see you back and soon!

Patricia Duran

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«for me a privilege»

«Great, for me a privilege to have a friend like you, who allowed me to meet cool people and part of your beautiful country. Also lucky to be part of your project as La Bandada. A Hug from Chile»

Fabian Barrueto

Puntuación: 5 de 5.

«Waiting for you»

We are also waiting for you in the Choco Capurganá border with Panama, to take advantage of the beautiful places in this area.

Marco Chiandetti

Puntuación: 4.5 de 5.

«conservation history»

«People making history for bird conservation»

Norma Grajales

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