Our Mission

Hi, we are Niky Carrera Levy and Mauricio Ossa, a couple of advertisers and photographers.

«We connect people to conservation through birds».

We created «Birds Colombia», a project that works on strategies for the conservation of birds and their territories. 

  • Share #OneBirdPerDay in Birds Colombia, the best digital photo album of the birds of Colombia, with the collaboration of 100 photographers, more than 1600 species shared to date.
  • #AVueloDePájaro a campaign to show the problem of the birds. 
  • #CharlasPajareras a podcast sharing the stories behind each guest’s birding journey.
  • In 2020 we created «Birders Together», a campaign to help 150 people who were left without income during the pandemic. We were able to get 22 operating companies and managed to collect U$50,000 in 500 donations. 

We also created «Guardián de las aves»a project for children to pursue conservation by making them fall in love with birds. 

  • In three years 850 children have participated, we have delivered 30 birding kits with binoculars, bird guide, backpack, vest, cap and T-shirt.
  • Children’s club with free admission to program partner sites.
  • Educational committee of 9 children with a channel to create content by kids for kids.

In 2021 Niky & Mauro made the first Big Year in Colombia.

  • We were able to record 1,453 species. 
  • We carry a conservation message about the endemic Colombian Grebe, the only extinct species in Colombia, and talking about the 16 species that are critically endangered.
The Andean grebe is the image of Birds Colombia and Guardian of the birds.
  • We gave a voice to conservation, 329 people told their story in our networks.
  • Birding for conservation, 789 children throughout Colombia vowed «Long live bird guardians».

About Us

Niky was born in Ibagué/Tolima/Colombia, she was selected as one of the photographers of the book 100 Colombian photographers 2018.

Director of «Guardián de las aves» project.


Tour Languages: Spanish/English/Hebrew

Mauro was born in Manizales/Caldas/Colombia, he is a member of the National Committee of the Global Big Day Colombia and President of the Ornithological Association of Caldas (SCO)

Director of «Birds Colombia» project.


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