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Niky & Mauro both in advertising and avid bird photographers, are nationally recognized for their work in bird education and conservation. #UnitedByBirds

They are creators of: 

  • Communication strategy of Global Big Day Colombia
  • Birds Colombia project working for the education and conservation of birds.
  • Share #OneBirdPerDay in Birds Colombia
  • Creators of the group of bird photographers La Bandada.
  • The Birds Guardian project for children 9 to 15 years.
  • #BirdersTogether donation initiative to help support 150 local bird guides and their families during the pandemic.
  • #CharlasPajareras a podcast sharing the stories behind each guest’s birding journey.
  • Members of Ornithology society of Caldas (SCO)
  • They are doing the first Big year in Colombia achieving 1,453 species.

Niky Carrera Levy

Niky born in Ibague, chosen as one of the photographers of the book 100 Colombian photographers 2018.

Tour Languaje: Spanish/English/Hebrew

Mauricio Ossa

Mauricio born in Manizales, he is a member of the national committee of the Global Big Day Colombia.

We have created BirdsColombiaExperience and are ready to share this with you. Hope you can come with us.

Birds Colombia Experience

Why we are bird photographers and we know what a bird photographer wants.

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© Birds Colombia Experience by NikyMauro VI X MMXX | 2020 | All photographs are copyrighted and taken in the places.

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