Colombian Massif

Any journey into Colombia’s ancestral origins leads to the Colombian Massif, a mysterious region of majestic mountains, verdant valleys and volcanoes where enigmatic lost cultures have left behind messages to the modern world amongst the the headlands of the country’s most revered rivers. 

The echo of these spiritual cultures rings loudly through the region’s astounding archaeological parks where each intricate carving, painted line and carefully placed stone connects the visitor to the hands of mystical artisans whose beliefs have shaped the Andean traditions that underpin the identity of the nation and its inhabitants.

It is a culture that is continued to this day through the many thriving and diverse indigenous groups that inhabit the region, providing a link between Colombia’s Andean origins and the present. 

Yet it’s not just the lost civilizations that have left their stamp on the Massif, the region has also been indelibly marked by colonial power, with grandiose European settlements constructed in a attempt to impose another culture on these sacred mountains and it’s this meeting of worlds that makes this little known region so fascinating to explore


Big Year Colombian Massif


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