Western Andes

Picture windswept and foggy mountain plains, mythical lagoons harboring untold riches and swamps that halted the armies of an empire and it’s easy to understand why the Eastern Colombian Andes are so deeply grounded in legend.

Dividing the Magdalena Valley from the lowlands of Los Llanos, these are lands of enormous contrasts, where remarkable contemporary cities including the national capital, Bogotá, sit side by side with timeless colonial villages while ancient myths and folklore live on within a truly modern society.

The silent mountains of the Eastern Colombian Andes have witnessed truly monumental events, the effects of which still reverberate today. It was here that Europeans first carved a way into the interior of the continent and it was amongst these same peaks that patriots overthrew the shackles of colonialism to give birth to an independent nation. 

A place where two worlds were thrust together to form a new world, yet remnants of both remain to inspire and be explored whether amongst the delicate paramos that guard the secrets of the original inhabitants or in the stone and adobe mansions of towns that housed the first Spanish settlers.


Big Year Western Andes


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